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Design Hotel "Manufactora" - an ideal place for a country business events. Our main goal is the understanding your wishes and needs, to plan and organize the perfect conference. The hotel offers three modern-equipped conference rooms with a total capacity of 16 to 150 people.

Room I

about 180 m ² for 80/150 people

A feature of this room there is a mobile wall, which unites the conference hall 1 and the hall of the restaurant in one large room that can be used for events - banquets, gala dinners, corporate events, as well as conferences, seminars and presentations.


Room II

54 sq.m. for 16 people

Simple, easy and concise furniture made of light wood, business character of interior, natural lighting, cozy atmosphere - create all necessary conditions for your event.


Room III

54 sq.m. for 40 people

The main feature is functional variability, because of its modern design it can be easily transformed into the room for conferences or seminars and a small banquet hall created to celebrate your gala event.