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Try typing the word "Tenderness" into the YOUTUBE search engine, and you will immediately plunge into the world of love created by the amazing MACHETE group.

 October 12 at 17:00 in the outlet town “Manufactura” we enjoy the amazing sound and rich content of each song of the MACHETE band.  A solo project, which became a real manifesto and musical revelation of the artist Yaroslav Maly (Moshe Pinchas).  The individuality and frankness of the group affects all the fibers of the soul, and the words that come out of the heart will be heard!  The sharp name of the group reflects self-sufficiency, style and character, the desire to go our own way and create unique sincere music, and not bend under the laws of show business.
 The first songs immediately became hits, and the collective became popular and in demand everywhere.  The track “Tenderness” is the debut video, more than once called the “Internet phenomenon” and “Video of the year”.
 “My songs are an illustration of my life.  I’m not making anything up.  Everything that I feel and believe in is there.  My music is a conversation with myself and those I love.  This is my meditation, and I'm just trying not to get out of this state. ”(Moshe Pinchas)
 The performance of the MACHETE band is a delight from the philosophical compositions of the soloist, thoroughly saturated with mystery and original musical style.  October 12 at 17:00 come to the outlet city "Manufactura" and fill your heart with love, strength and pure energy!
 Free admission!