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This summer will be hotter than you expected! According to forecasts, the music temperature will reach a critical level, and the air will be filled with the live sound of the hot hits of the star, which today shines brighter than ever.

Meet the charismatic and brutal, provocative and at the same time humble Polygraph Sharikov. Together with the orchestra with the same name, Polygraph SharikOFF will inflame the atmosphere of the Open air concert, which will be held on June 10 in the outlet-town "Manufactura".

Polygraph SharikOFF and SERYOGA are two sides of the same coin

Polygraph SharikOFF is one of the hypostases of one artist, also known as SERYOGA. These two "I" as two clowns are sad and cheerful: if SERYOGA shares his deeply personal experiences in a minor key, then Polygraph refers to his songs as light music for karaoke.

It is in the Polygraph that Seryoga of the times of "sports sung couplets" is felt most: there is a live composition with a permanent accordion, and the spirit of a city romance, and even that branded cap. It seems that the audience quickly recognized the once-beloved character. The first singles of "Charisma" and "White Cocoa" are a success in television and radio, and the provocative clip "Only Sex", released on the eve of March 8, immediately becomes an Internet virus. Even more resonant is the next clip is "Vanya’s Gelik".

During the concert in "Manufactura", you will hear the positive humorous romances of Leonid Utyosov performed by Polygraph with a new arrangement with elements of reggae, hip-hop, soul, blues, jazz and funk. It's like plunging into the good old days, but not losing touch with the present.

Therefore, come June 10 at 17 o'clock to the "Manufactura" and warm your hearts with a new sound of good old hits!

Location: Kiev region, Hodosovka village, Obukhivskiy highway-2, 2

Live sound!

Free entrance!