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On May 18, the “Manufactura” art gallery presented the viewer to the exhibition of the Ukrainian artist, sculptor, painter and graphic artist Alexander Sukholit under the title “Selected Works of Alexander Sukholit. Sculpture, Graphics, Painting”.

Art lovers will be able to get acquainted with all areas of the artist's work.

According to experts, Alexander Sukholit is one of the greatest sculptors of our time in the field of Ukrainian fine art. The artist is called a living classic, and his work is called modern archaic.

His name is inscribed in encyclopedias, art catalogs and art collections.

Creativity of Alexander Sukholit is characterized by a desire for ideal, during which the artist experimentes with various types, genres and techniques of art.

In his works, one can trace the features of various artistic eras without chronology: from Byzantium to Christian iconography, from ancient classics to the archaic Paleolithic, from the Renaissance to modernity.

The painter went a creative way from an academic drawing to his own understanding of form and volume.

A special place in the artist's works belongs to the image of a woman. She is Madonna, Eve, mother, love, the source of life. This theme permeated the entire work of Alexander Sukholit. She is in sculpture and graphics, in bronze, clay, on paper. His woman is the embodiment of philosophy, the answer to the eternal questions of the search for truth, harmony of the spiritual and physical. She is light, kindness and purity. The author achieves such a sensation and perception of his images using light lines, rounded shapes, transparency and airiness of space, rhythm, movement.

His images are a journey through time, a combination of the real and the mythological.

Sukholit sculptures attract with their archaic plasticity and sense

Alexander Sukholit was born in 1960 in the Chernihiv region. He graduated from the Uzhgorod College of Decorative and Applied Arts and the sculptural faculty of the Kiev Art Institute (today NAOMA). Workshop of Makar Vronsky.

Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Lives and works in Kiev.

The exhibition runs from May 18 to July 17.

Free admission