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Children Svetlitsa

Children Svetlitsa

The idea of the center is truly unique. The main aim is in sharing knowledge of Ukrainian and world culture in the form of play and creativity. Modern Ukrainian school system gives a little knowledge in the field of culture… Therefore, «Children Svetlitsa» will try to fill this gap. With the children will work teachers and artists which will attach them to the cultural heritage and will encourage the creation of art works by their own.

Educational center «Children Svetlitsa» is a cozy place in which children and their parents will certainly learn something interesting from the history and practice of the various arts, folklore, archeology and ecology, as well as will get skills and have fun. Here all art activities are welcome! You can listen, sing, dance or just play in the folk style. «Children Svetlitsa» will offer a wide range of activities with the aim to find those favorite things to which children have more talent and desire.

Monday-Friday - weekend;

Wednesday-Sunday from 11 to 19.00

Outlet village Manufactura, 23a, Block 4, 2nd Floor

tel. +38 067 654 7700

(044) 200 98 01


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